Another great bit of art from Otis Frampton

This time it’s the Justice League in a WWII Maga­zine Cover inspired piece.

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otis​framp​ton​.com: Digi­tal Commis­sion: Septem­ber 7, 1941
This is a digi­tal commis­sion featur­ing a maga­zine that came out a few months before Peral Harbor was attacked on Earth 1. Or is it Earth 2. Ack, an exis­ten­tial crisis! This piece was drawn and colored… 

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  • I think some of the best comic and cartoon artwork was done in the pre-dawn and during the WWII era. Maybe it’s the naivety and nation­al­is­tic pride of the times, respec­tively, that made them mean­ing­ful, well beyond their expected useful­ness. This is a great repre­sen­ta­tion of then.

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