Are There Aliens In Prometheus Or Not?

More contra­dic­tory quote from Ridley Scott about his not prequel to Alien, Prometheus.

He indi­cates that Guy Pearce’s char­ac­ter is a direct connec­tion to the previ­ous Alien movie. Clearly setting this film in the same universe. But then he claims that’s the only connec­tion with the previ­ous movie.

What’s going on? I have no idea.

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Ridley Scott On Guy Pearce’s Role In Prometheus And How He Links The Film To Alien­Ri­d­ley Scott On Guy Pearce’s Role In Prometheus And How He Links The Film To Alien
I don’t know what IC Press is, but it appears to be a version of the AP that serves Hungary. Several websites over there have passed on the same Ridley Scott quote in the last couple of days, all … 

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  • I’m so look­ing forward to Prometheus. It has the poten­tial to be such a smart film. I’m hoping the old-school sci-fi Ridley Scott came to direct this one.

  • I’m going to guess that it’s a mistrans­la­tion of “a new world” and people are taking it liter­ally as “a universe discon­nected from the previ­ous milieu.”

    Because it clearly isn’t.

  • Well I could have sworn I saw an Alien pod-thing like what spits out a larval crea­ture in the first movie in the trailer. A while back I read a leaked summary, which was later disavowed, but every­thing I’ve read since and seen in the trailer 100% matches it.

    If so, and thus this might be a spoiler, this movie is about how we find some alien arti­facts on Earth and then go explor­ing, look­ing for an alien home­world of a race that might have seeded us on Earth only to discover they were destroyed by some bioweapons they created, i.e., the xenomorphs. (Which, frankly, doesn’t really sound that excit­ing because the whole Life Here Began Out There trope has been pretty done to death in my book. If you mash up a little Battlestar Galac­tica with the videogame series Xenogears/Xenosaga, you’re right there.)

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