Avengers: Age of Ultron Set Photo Gives Us First Look At Ultron


I wasn’t expect­ing the quilted jacket look…

I’m joking of course. The prob­lem with set photos is that you’re not seeing the finished product and you’re not getting the context. It’s a safe bet that elements of Ultron are CGI’d and it’s like that this was not intended to be a full body shot.

Still just look­ing at the head and upper torso I like the design they’ve gone with here.

For compar­ison purposes I’ve included a fairly tradi­tional image of Ultron for the comics. As you can see they’ve stayed broadly faith­ful to the design with­out feel­ing obliged to slav­ishly copy it. Which works for me.

Now just picture that robotic visage speak­ing with James Spader’s voice. Yup we have a winner.ultron-phalanx

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