Buzz, Hysteria, Hype and Social Networking

It’s possi­ble you may have heard that Google launched a new service, Google Buzz, recently. In fact by now the odds are that you’ve read a mini­mum of a couple of dozen arti­cles and opin­ions on what Google did wrong. Nega­tive sells better than posi­tive.

It’s certainly not a new phenom­e­non. People have been complain­ing about the media’s tendency to over-hype and over-react to every bit of news they report on. With the advent of blogs that annoy­ing habit rapidly spread to every­one else who felt the need to share their opin­ion.

But the advent of social network­ing seems to have esca­lated this prob­lem. Now people have to make judge­ments quicker than ever before and in order to get atten­tion, to get a reac­tion, they have to couch them in ever more extreme terms.

This constant upping of language inten­sity numbs the audi­ence and deval­ues both the previ­ously perfectly adequate words and the words we are now using in their place. It’s no longer suffi­cient to say that Google showed poor judge­ment. Now we have to call them evil. So if Google are evil, does that mean we’re plac­ing them on the level of murder­ers?

The English language contains over a quar­ter of a million words. With that level of subtlety at our finger­tips why do we imme­di­ately reach for a sledge­ham­mer?

This linguis­tic lazi­ness is made even worse by the speed of reac­tion on the inter­net. Because not only does the orig­i­na­tor of the post have to make a snap judge­ment, appar­ently so does every­one who reads it.

But if all anyone does is scream at the top of their voice and repeat the same hand­ful phrases that they just, there’s no value in the medium. You’d get as much insight by stand­ing in the middle of a train station and listen­ing to frag­ments of conver­sa­tion from the people pass­ing by.

So what’s the point of this little screed of mine? Think before you post. Life isn’t binary and nor is language. Use the textures and shad­ing that language provides to show the complex­ity of the subject you’re discussing.

It can be done. Even in 140 char­ac­ters.

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