Looking At The Design And Technology Of The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

r-1399082713-SevenDwarfsMineTrain57So today is the day that The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train offi­cially opens in the Magic King­dom. A cause for great excite­ment amongst Disney Theme Park fans and mark­ing the final comple­tion of the New Fanta­sy­land project after approx­i­mately 1 billion years (it’s possi­ble I’m exag­ger­at­ing slightly).

All of which is pretty cool in itself. But if, like me, you find the behind the scenes of making these rides inter­est­ing then you should check out the arti­cle by Jim Hill on some of the tech­nol­ogy and design choices behind the anima­tronic elements of the ride.

I think it’s possi­ble that Disney may have managed to build a roller-coaster that even I will get on.

Source: JimHill­Me­dia -Seven Dwarfs Mine Train liter­ally puts a new face on the Disney theme park expe­ri­ence

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