Diet 3 Weeks In

Well I’ve lost 6lbs so far which means I’m losing 2lbs per week which is right on target. I don’t think there’s much visi­ble differ­ence yet, but I do have another 15.5lbs still to lose.

So far I’m not even full on diet­ing. It’s more just a matter of paying atten­tion to portion sizes and only allow­ing myself sodas at the week­end. That plus a bit of exer­cise. Again I’m keep­ing it very simple situps, pres­sups and squats three days a week and some light weights 3 days a week. I’m still build­ing up the quan­tity of the exer­cise so I’m hoping that will be enough to keep the weight coming off.

If not I may have to tighten the diet a bit.

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