Diet Day 4 — Losing Weight!

I lost 1lb today!

Well okay presum­ably I actu­ally lost it over the course of the last four days. And I’m giving it 5050 odds that I’ll be back up to 191.5lbs tomor­row morn­ing. But still, today I weight 190.5lbs

Of course I then went and had lunch at Unos, which isn’t really terri­bly good on a diet. It was work related mind you and I tried to behave myself. Turns out steak isn’t too bad calo­rie wise if you keep the portions small.

The big prob­lem is exer­cise. I’m doing some press ups and sit ups and this week­end I’ll prob­a­bly dig out the free weights I have. But I need an aero­bic element to my exer­cise. I’m consid­er­ing a mini-tram­po­line.

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