Why Disney’s Animal Kingdom Is More Than A Half Day Park

SIxReasonsAKNotAHalfDayPark_Night_KYLE-700x464Over at Tour­ing­Plans they’ve posted a great arti­cle that gives six reasons why Disney’s Animal King­dom is not just a half day park.

I’ve heard a lot of people online make the half-day park claim and several people in my own family aren’t inclined to give it more time than that either. But I really think they are miss­ing out.

It’s true that if the only thing you care about is rides, then you’re not going to occupy even half a day. But open­ing your eyes to all the things going on around you reveals so much to do.

It is one of, if not the most immer­sive theme park envi­ron­ments you can expe­ri­ence. The mix of shows, animals, educa­tion and rides put together gives loads of things to do. And the place is just gorgeous.

People who don’t give it a chanced because they’re so focused on, ride, ride ride, are miss­ing out big time.

Photo by Jeff Kyle

Source: Tour​ing​Plans​.com — Satur­day Six

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