Disney’s Hollywood Studios Unleashes The Villains For A Special Event

vil5567234-613x936Disney have thought up yet another way to part you from your money while you visit Walt Disney World. This time out, it’s Disney’s Holly­wood Studios (usually consid­ered the runt of the park litter) that will be getting the atten­tion. Disney have announced a new tick­eted party called Villains Unleashed for one day only (August 23rd). The party will feature 50 Disney villains in one form or another plus some special events like Hades Hang­out & Dance Party, Oogie Boogie’s Vari­ety Show, A Star Wars villain zone, a fire­works show and an extra pre-show to Fantas­mic. Of course there will also be special food (I’m betting on at least a couple of cupcakes), bever­ages and merchan­dise to buy. Because… it’s Disney and they like your money almost as much as you do. Disney actu­ally did a simi­lar event last year, but it wasn’t what they call a “hard tick­eted” event. What that means is that you have to buy a ticket specif­i­cally for this event and it will give you access to Holly­wood Studios for the evening only (usually that means start­ing around 4pm). If you wanted to get there earlier you’d have to buy a regu­lar ticket as well. Since the event last year was insanely popu­lar and caused some traf­fic control issues, the hard tick­eted approach makes sense as well as money. If I was a Florida resi­dent I’d prob­a­bly want to check this one out. At $67 plus tax it’s not outra­geously expen­sive because you can ride the rides while you’re in the park, plus you don’t get to see many of the villains in the parks.

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