Doctor Who Fan Art — The 10th Doctor And The Universe

Here’smirror_by_shewolf294-d7aet38 a piece of fan art that does a great job of captur­ing the grandeur of the Doctor Who universe. Recent incar­na­tions of the Doctor have talked a lot about the notion of all of Time and Space being avail­able to visit, I think this image by sheWolf294 manages to evoke the emotion of that state­ment.

Source: DeviantArt — Mirror by sheWolf294

Edited because I put 9 instead of 10. Numbers are hard!

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  • Nice.

    Heads-up on the title of the post: That’s Tennant’s Doctor, not Eccelston’s so, prob­a­bly should be “10th Doctor and …” — if you want to count the War Doctor and really confuse people, you could go 11* :)~

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