Doctor Who Fan Art — Past Masters

past_masters_by_paulhanley-d5azldmArtist Paul Hanley has drawn this amaz­ing collage of all the incar­na­tions of The Master from Doctor Who includ­ing the clas­sic series, new series, TV movie, Big Finish audio adap­ta­tions and Doctor Who comic strips

Those in the front are the Master in canon, while those in paint­ings have been portrayed as the master but may not actu­ally be canon (for those who care about such things).

From left to right on the paint­ings we have:

  1. The Master from the Doctor Who Maga­zine 8th Doctor comic strips THE FALLEN and THE GLORIOUS DEAD;
  2. Sam Kisgart” as the Master from the Big Finish audio play SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL;
  3. The Basil-Rath­bone-esque Master from the 90s “New Adven­tures” 7th Doctor novels- based on the like­ness of Gordon Tipple;
  4. Derek Jacobi as the Master from the BBC webcast THE SCREAM OF THE SHALKA;
  5. Jonathan Pryce from the Steven-Moffat-penned Comic Relief sketch THE CURSE OF FATAL DEATH.

And then in the front row:

  1. Roger Delgado
  2. Peter Pratt
  3. Anthony Ainley
  4. Geof­fery Beev­ers (Melkor Statue)
  5. William Hughes (child)
  6. Eric Roberts
  7. Alex McQueen
  8. Derek Jacobi
  9. John Simm

Source: Deviantart — Past Masters

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