Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special

We’re finally getting some promo­tional mate­rial for this year’s Doctor Who Christ­mas Special! Start­ing with these rather awesome photos.

We also know the title now: The Snow­men

Plot is still fairly vague but it features Richard E. Grant as the villain­ous Doctor Simeon and features the return of some famil­iar char­ac­ters. A couple of which have been highly antic­i­pated.

Of course it’s also Jenna-Louise Coleman’s offi­cial debut as the new compan­ion. Will we find out how that’s possi­ble after the first episode of the season? Or will we be left hang­ing again?

The show will air on Christ­mas Day at an unknown time in the UK and at 9pm East­ern in the US. Makes me feel all warm and giving. It’ll pass…

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