• What I don’t like is when Windows asks if I would like to update and I decline. But that’s not good enough for windows. It just flips me the bird and down­loads the updates in the back­ground. Then I go to shut down and yup, just like the picture. The prob­lem is we have satel­lite Inter­net with a 350 MB cap per day and when we exceed it we get busted down to dialup speed for 24 hours. Thanks a lot Windows and your stupid updates. I was saving that band­width for an inter­est­ing down­load, like a game or a YouTube video. 

  • +Tim Ebl You can set windows update to either check for updates and notify/no down­load or never check. I would not go longer than 3 months with­out check­ing and apply­ing updates manu­ally if you choose never check.

  • Thanks for the tip. I should look into it while I’m think­ing about it. The prob­lem always comes up when I’m busy and don’t want to take the time to mess around with it. Or just surprise attacks me when I go to shut down. 

  • My prob­lem is that it usually hits me when I’m shut­ting down my laptop to bring it home. Installing 1 of 15 updates . Now I’ve finally learnt to just put it to sleep instead.

  • All that said… people do real­ize that your computer will shut down itself after the updates have been installed, right? If they are installed with the option “Install Updates and shut down” why the need to stay a watch it do that? Turn of your screen and walk away.

  • +David Grigg Ahh but here comes the magic part, depend­ing on your OS you can change that behav­iour. If you are running win7 you simply do the follow­ing:

    Start -> Run -> gpedit.msc [ENTER]
    Go to:
    User Config­u­ra­tion -> Admin­is­tra­tive Templates -> Windows Compo­nents -> Windows Update.

    Check “Do not adjust default option to ‘Install Updates And Shut Down’ in Shut Down Windows dialog box”. 

    Now you have the option to only shut down with­out installing updates. 

    But since you are using a laptop, you can change the way windows behaves when clos­ing the lid. Hit Start, enter “Change what the power buttons…” choose that and change the behav­iour to your liking, for instance choose hiber­nate.

  • +David Grigg Just run windows update from control panel and pick change settings link. There are four options for installing and/or down­load­ing updates. Windows may be run anytime manu­ally and so with a little pre-plan­ning could be installing at lunchtime and avoid this issue also. Windows updates almost always come on Tues­day if I remem­ber correctly.

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