Easter By The Numbers

A couple of things jump out from this Info­graphic.

Despite it’s obvi­ous reli­gious connec­tions, it has become a secu­lar holi­day.

Easter candy is reces­sion proof.

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Easter Candy [info­graphic] | Daily Info­graphic
Not only is Easter a Catholic holi­day, it is also another oppor­tu­nity for corpo­rate Amer­ica to cash in the sacred day. Valen­tines was not even over before Easter candy and pastel colored bunnies and c… 

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  • Easter candy also appar­ently has the shelf life of a Twinkie. And I’m not talk­ing about the month Host­ess claims.

  • Most holi­day candy is made a year or so before the holi­day, so it can be marketed, made and sold to vendors.

    My mom used to get free sample Easter candy in Septem­ber for the follow­ing year.

  • Monday, I am going to buy ALL THE JELLY BEANS. Easter is tricky because I need to stock up on enough candy to get me through until Halloween. I mean, yeah, there’s candy the rest of the year, but it’s nowhere near as cheap.

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