Fan Art — Cthulhu Rises

Socthulhu_by_glooh-d7o0g9p I’ve shared vari­ous Cthulhu related images and objects in the past. But they’ve mostly been cutesy or jokey versions of The Great Old One. Which while fun and cool isn’t quite in the spirit of the source mate­rial. Love­craft after all was undoubt­edly writ­ing horror stories and christ­mas tree tenta­cles aren’t that horri­fic.

So in an effort to balance the scales a little I give you this image by glooh which shows a suit­ably impos­ing vision of Great Cthulhu rising from the water.

You would not want to be on a ship when this guy showed up.

Source: Deviantart —  Cthulhu by glooh

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