First Attempts at HDR Photography

I've been meaning to try my hand at HDR photography for some time now. I have really mixed feelings about it. Some images do look spectacular, but sometimes all that extra detail detracts from the image rather than adding to it. And it can end up making photos look really unnatural.

This was my first attempt at an HDR photo. I only used 3 exposures (more would be better I imagine) and the bracketing was done while holding the camera rather than on a tripod which I'm sure contributed to the increased noise. But I think it's a decent first attempt.

I find this an interesting comparison. The first image is a standard shot with my usual Photoshop tweaks applied (levels, curves, vibrance, sharpen). The second version is HDR and it clearly adds something to the photo (although there's a halo round the tree that I don't like). I'm trying to find the right balance between the HDR effect and a natural looking photo.



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