Foggy Fall Morning

Harpers Ferry, WV

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  • I would love to hang this on my walls. It’s gorgeous and moody. I love the pop of color against the foggy greys of the rocks and water. I also really like the peace­ful­ness the trees in the fore­front bring to the tumul­tuous current.

    I think maybe you should start look­ing into sell­ing your land­scape shots as prints on the inter­net!

  • I’ve really never consid­ered sell­ing prints. This has always been a hobby for me with no inten­tion to make money.

    That said… I’m really doing most of the hard work anyway. I already have all the host­ing capa­bil­ity to display them and appar­ently a larger audi­ence than I’ve ever had before. All that’s really miss­ing is figur­ing out the cost of print­ing them and I’m sure there are lots of options for that.

    So long as I don’t expect to rely on the income why not?

  • +Eoghann Irving Right. There are a lot of options for it, though I haven’t looked into it. I’m pretty sure there are many options to sell prints for free, so you’re basi­cally giving the site a commis­sion and taking a percent­age of the profit. That’d yield less money, but it’s prob­a­bly the easiest/least time consum­ing way to do it on the side.

    Your work is getting better and better. I’d imag­ine many people would be delighted to hang your photos on their walls!

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