Free On Amazon Today — The Gaia Wars

If you enjoy young adult fiction, this might be worth the price of a down­load (free). I’m guess­ing those who hate envi­ron­men­tal messages will not like it.

We’ll see. It had me curi­ous enough to down­load. Now I just need to find time to read all this stuff.

Warren Wilkes, age 13, doesn’t like what a greedy hous­ing devel­oper has done to his peace­ful moun­tain commu­nity, so he vandal­izes the developer’s prop­erty, flees into the wild, and stum­bles upon an ancient human skele­ton revealed by torren­tial rain. More than old bones have been exposed, however, and the curi­ous arti­fact Warren finds makes him ques­tion his own iden­tity, and his connec­tion to an ancient terror. A terror destined to rise again and anni­hi­late all that Warren loves. He must fight or see his whole world destroyed.

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Amazon​.com: The Gaia Wars eBook: Kenneth G. Bennett: Kindle Store
Amazon​.com: The Gaia Wars eBook: Kenneth G. Bennett: Kindle Store 

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