Funko POP How To Train Your Dragon 2 Vinyl Figures

Funko POP’s vinyl figures are very popu­lar. They’ve been able to ride the wave of pop culture through licens­ing and produce highly collectible toys as a result. With the rate they are issu­ing new ones, I do have to wonder if they risk satu­rat­ing their market. But perhaps the vari­ety of the licenses protects them from that more than say Beanie Babies?

Belch & Barf

Either way this latest batch of Funko POP ties into the release of How To Train Your D ragon 2 and while there are figures for the human char­ac­ters, the ones that are far more appeal­ing (to me at least) are the drag­ons them­selves.

Partly that’s because of the bril­liant designs of the drag­ons in the movie. But Funko POP as always have given them their own partic­u­lar style.

Which is your favorite? Hook­fang… Storm­fly… Belch and Barf… or Tooth­less?


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