Futurama Cosplay — Leela

13932877113_24a6a0799a_hPhotog­ra­pher Davann Srey has taken a whole bunch of photos of the cosplay­ers at Wonder­Con 2014 and the whole set is well worth look­ing at.

It’s actu­ally extremely diffi­cult to get good portrait shots in conven­tion envi­ron­ments. Even outside as these shots are (so at least you don’t have to fight the horrid light­ing) there’s the prob­lem of the crowd and getting a good pose set up quickly.

But this cosplay of Leela from Futu­rama deserves high­light­ing because the makeup work to achieve the cyclops look is so good.

Source: Flickr — Davann Srey Wonder­Con 2014

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