Glee — The Power of Madonna, Thoughts

Sue Sylvester is easily the star of the special Madonna episode. Jane Lynch’s machine gun deliv­ery of line after line is so funny that I was able to put aside how blatantly they shoe-horned the Madonna elements into the show.

I approach Glee as a flat out musi­cal comedy. Which means I don’t have to hurt my brain trying to figure out how any of the musi­cal numbers could actu­ally be occur­ring. I also don’t really hold it up to the stan­dards of plot coher­ence that I would a drama show. Which is prob­a­bly just as well.

Glee isn’t exactly a deep show, but what it excels at is giving moments of joy. Whether it’s laugh­ing at Sue’s jibes about Will Schuester’s hair or the latest monu­men­tal stupid­ity from Brit­tany. Or maybe just enjoy­ing the songs. Which are after all the show’s reason for being.

In that regard this episode held up just fine. It did feel a little forced in places. Partic­u­larly when they start talk­ing up Madonna like she’s some primal force. But put that aspect aside and Madonna’s songs are well suited to the show. The Vogue “video” was bril­liant as was the Like a Virgin sequence. 

There’s already talk of a second Madonna episode and maybe other specials. I’d rather they didn’t. While I enjoyed this episode, it wasn’t better than the regu­lar episodes. If anything it was slightly weaker. Glee has a formula that works, they should stick with it.

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