Go Go Gadget Gatling gun?

Go Go Gadget Gatling gun?

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Geek Art: Inspec­tor Gadget goes Ballis­tic — Go Gadget Go!
Artist Kizer Stone has created this incred­i­bly awesome image of Inspec­tor Gadget going ballis­tic and kick­ing all kinds of ass! The piece is called Go Gadget Go and here’s what the artist had to say about it…

I thought it was about time that Inspec­tor Gadget stopped being sort of a wimpy ass and a little more of an Ass kicker. It was inevitable.

What do you all think of it? Source: Kizer180 — Deviant Art (http://​kizer180​.deviantart​.com/​a​r​t​/​G​O​-​G​A​D​G​E​T​-​G​O​-​1​6​2​1​0​7​813)

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