Got this in an email from +Jason Sizemore and since I know I have lots of Sci-Fi…

Got this in an email from +Jason Size­more and since I know I have lots of Sci-Fi fans follow­ing, I thought I’d pass it on:

As you might know, Apex has teamed up with Weight­less Books for an Apex Maga­zine subscrip­tion drive. Our goal is 200 new or renewed subscrip­tions by the end of Novem­ber. We’ve done well so far, gain­ing 44 toward 200.

Subscribe now for $14.95 and save $5 off our stan­dard yearly price ($19.95). Now is a great time to join. The magazine’s new editor, Lynne M. Thomas, just released her first issue (that received a rare “Highly Recom­mended” from Locus Maga­zine reviewer Lois Tilton).

If you subscribe or renew, you will receive eBook version of volume 1 and 2 of
Descended from Dark­ness. Ten random subscribers will win a trade paper­back copy of Dark Faith.

What happens if we reach 200?

Some­body wins a Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet!

We want to give away that Tablet, but we still need 156 more subscribers. I know it can be done, so subscribe, tell a friend, and let’s make this happen!

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Apex Maga­zine: 12-Month Subscrip­tion « Weight­less Books
Apex Maga­zine Novem­ber 2011 Subscrip­tion Drive!  To welcome our new editor — 2010 Hugo Award-winner Lynne M. Thomas — and to honor the magnif­i­cent accompl 

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