Here is the full version of the widely shared video

Pretty clear evidence that despite the Police Chief’s asser­tions, the crowd was not remotely hostile until the protest­ers were pepper sprayed.

Even then they were not violent and allowed the police to leave with­out trap­ping them.

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You’ve prob­a­bly seen the short 1-minute-or-so videos about the pepper spray­ing of UC Davis protest­ers already. But you may not have seen this one.

The differ­ence here is what happens, not at about 0:15 when the spray­ing starts, and not even at 0:40 when the “Shame on you!” chants begin.

It’s what happens [lead­ing up to and] start­ing at 6:55, culmi­nat­ing at 7:40.

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  • The fact that the coppers can’t size up a situ­a­tion is obvi­ous when they huddled together to back out slowly, could they not see the fact that they could simply turn around and walk away unharmed.

    One thing that has amazed me during this #Occupy move­ment and all the brutal­ity is that the protest­ers have stayed resolute and not fought back, or resorted to violent retal­i­a­tion. They just take it.

  • +Jason Fisk, I agree, the cops are defi­nitely not trained in how to handle situ­a­tions like this. Of course they’ll feel “intim­i­dated” (accord­ing to other news sources) when they put them­selves at a disad­van­ta­geous situ­a­tion in front of a large crowd…

    One pattern I do see is that situ­a­tions like these will continue to esca­late. When the loss of life starts, then the peace­ful part of the protest­ing is over.

  • The Amer­i­can people have believed mass media lies for too long. They have no one to blame except them­selves for hand­ing over their civil rights to their govern­ments and the corpo­ra­tions that run them from behind the scenes.
    Good thing is,they have woken up. Just that there is going to be a lot of suffer­ing before they win back their orig­i­nal free­dom.
    In a real democ­racy, scenes like this would prompt the oppo­si­tion to bring the govern­ment down. 

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