Here’s another date to add to your list of possible Galaxy Nexus release dat…

Here’s another date to add to your list of possi­ble Galaxy Nexus release dates.…

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Online Retailer Claims To Have Veri­zon Galaxy Nexus For Sale On Decem­ber 9th
Until we get an offi­cial word from Veri­zon, there’s not much else we can do right except spec­u­late. And spec­u­late we shall! Thanks to a Phan­tip, it appears as if the online retailer, Negri Elec­tronic, plans to make avail­able the Veri­zon Galaxy Nexus come Decem­ber 9th. This infor­ma­tion appar­ently comes directly from their Veri­zon contact and Negri seems pretty confi­dent on that date. So much in fact, they joked(?) on their Twit­ter about receiv­ing a possi­ble C&D from Veri­zon regard­ing the leaki… 

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