I want it!

I want it!
I want it!

Veri­zon give me my phone!!!!!

Or at least send and email on that noti­fi­ca­tion list I signed up for to tell me some­thing!

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Galaxy Nexus caught on FCC, U.S. release date still escapes us
Here’s a change of pace: Euro­peans know when they will get a certain piece of tech­nol­ogy and Amer­i­cans are still twid­dling our thumbs. While many Euro­pean carri­ers and retail­ers have given a date they will deliver the Galaxy Nexus later this month or in early Decem­ber, the U.S. still hasn’t gotten a concrete word on when to expect the device.
Wait­ing to know when we’ll all go broke buying a new phone is no fun, but at least we know that the device has passed through the FCC. FCC certi­fi­ca­tion…

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