John Carter Movie — Good Or Bad?

The John Carter movie adap­ta­tion of Edgar Rice Burrough’s Barsoom novel A Princess of Mars has been drow­ing in bad word of mouth and lack­lus­ter public­ity for months now.

But is it a good movie that’s just getting bad press?

If you believe this review… it may actu­ally be?

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John Carter: The Bleed­ing Cool ReviewJohn Carter: The Bleed­ing Cool Review
You’ve already been told a zillion times how Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Barsoom cycle was the prog­en­i­tor of Star Wars, Avatar and Dune. You may even have devel­oped the idea that the writ­ers of Sta… 

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  • I’ve talked to a reporter I know that has seen a preview. He says it is actu­ally a very well done movie with the worst market­ing imag­in­able trying to sell it as a YarYar Binks like adven­ture. Accord­ing to him,
    It is like the old “Conan”, “Tarzan”, “Zorro” and “Flash Gordon” joined into one. Colour­ful and with a decent, good hero and a proper villain
    A movie, that you want to read under your sheets at night with only the light of your flash light like the books we used to love as kids. 

    John Carter” is the movie that “Clash of the Titans” wanted to be.

    EDIT: Oh and yes, now I want to see it even more 🙂

  • I’m so happy to see a good review! I really want to see this movie, and I want to like it — it so seems right up my alley. I was going to ignore all the bad reviews and see it anyway, but this review affirms my initial reac­tion to the previews.

  • Remem­ber Christie, they still have not made one statue, that I know if, in “memory of a reviewer or critic”. I read the books as a kid and know they will change a few things but look forward to it. Anyone else read the books? I recom­mend it. Maybe after the move. 🙂

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