JuiceDefender — Improve the Battery Life of Your Android Device

I’ve been using JuiceDe­fender for several months now to help extend the battery life of my Droid Eris. One of the biggest crit­i­cisms of all the Android phones has been the short battery life. Giving the multi-task­ing capa­bil­i­ties of the Android OS this isn’t really that much of a surprise. But it is a prob­lem.

The most frus­trat­ing thing for many Android users is the way their battery drops even when they aren’t using the phone. That’s where JuiceDe­fender comes in. The devel­oper Late­droid has clev­erly tweaked android’s data settings so when you’re not actively using the phone it powers down the wifi, 3G etc. But it if you want to keep getting your updates it has a user config­urable sched­ule to reac­ti­vate the data and grab the latest infor­ma­tion for you. For those of you with rooted phones Juice Defender can also throt­tle your CPU up or down.

Exactly how big a gain you get from JuiceDe­fender depends on how you use your phone. It won’t help your battery life while you’re actively using it, but my personal expe­ri­ence is it has almost doubled the battery life of my phone because there’s a lot of down time when I’m not using it.

I’m constantly surprised that more people aren’t aware of JuiceDe­fender. I’d consider it an essen­tial Android app. If you’d like to try it out, then check out the free version (with limited features) and if you’re as impressed as I am I’m sure you’ll want to purchase the full Ulti­mate Juice version.

Do you have any battery saving tips for Android?

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