LEGO Avengers — The SHIELD Hellicarrier

The1398919537m_DISPLAY biggest limi­ta­tion for most people when it comes to build­ing in LEGO is not having the right parts, or not enough of the right parts. Partic­u­larly when it comes to the giant thou­sands of brick designs that people some­times come up with.

Fortu­nately LEGO has a solu­tion for that. It’s called LEGO Digi­tal Designer and it allows you to model your creation on your computer. It will even give you a list of required bricks and build instruc­tions.

All of which is a long way of point­ing out that while the designer of this amaz­ing Avengers Helli­car­rier LEGO model Yo-Sub Joo has not phys­i­cally built the model, it is never­the­less a legit­i­mate LEGO model, and a huge one at that (22,694 bricks!)

Source: MOCPages

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