LEGO CUUSOO Big Bang Theory Set

LEGO CUUSOO Big Bang Theory Set

While I do think that there’s too much empha­sis on poten­tial licenses rather than inde­pen­dent creativ­ity, some of the stuff that’s posted to LEGO’s CUUSOO site is just amaz­ing.

Like this very detailed and accu­rate LEGO recre­ation of Shel­don and Leonard’s living room from The Big Bang Theory. Not only are the mini-figs for each of the main cast really good, but look at all the other bits in the room.

So if you like it, and would like to see it turned into an actual LEGO set, you should follow the link and regis­ter your support. It takes 10,000 support­ers to get LEGO to review a set.



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