LEGO Doctor Who — TARDIS Bookends

There’s been a fair amount of excite­ment recently over hints that LEGO may be able to pursue a license for Doctor Who sets. Which is kind of cool, although I rather like the exist­ing non-LEGO brand sets person­ally. There’s even a CUUSOO project that just hit the review target.


I’ll be honest though… I wasn’t actu­ally that impressed by it.

This on the other hand is great. First off it’s actu­ally book ends so you can display it together or apart. Secondly the Doctor is imme­di­ately recog­nis­able and not just because I know the colors of the sonic screw­drivers (yes I’m that sort of fan).

Done in clas­sic mini-land style by Adam Dodge there is no mistak­ing the 10th Doctor, his hair, his jacket and his suit.

The Dalek is pretty cute too, if perhaps not terri­fy­ing.

Link: Flickr

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