LEGO Game Of Thrones — House Stark Sigil

It’s 14569135781_3316c8b307_obecom­ing almost passé to do artis­tic vari­a­tions on the sigils of the vari­ous houses from Game of Thrones.

But this one is worth bring­ing to your atten­tion for a few reasons. First of all it’s LEGO and that makes every­thing cooler. But also it’s extremely well executed as a poster.

The image takes advan­tage of the three dimen­sional nature of the Dire Wolf sigil to cast shad­ows and texture across itself and then empha­sizes that further by plac­ing it on a stark black back­ground. Finish that off with care­fully crafted text using the “Winter Is Coming” slogan and you have a very strik­ing poster. Its harsh simplic­ity very much embod­ies the house which it seeks to repre­sent.

Omar Ovalle has an eye for both LEGO and design in general I think.

Source: Flickr — House Stark

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