LEGO Lord Of The Rings — Isildur’s Fall

This14020859173_DISPLAY minia­ture LEGO build by Graeme Straughn made me laugh. Because I’m a horri­ble person.

Titled Isildur’s Fall it’s a close up of Isil­dur son of Elendil and High King of Gondor after being ambushed by Orcs at the Glad­den Fields.

And basi­cally… all you see is a mini-figure lying in water with arrows stick­ing out his back and lots of blood.

It’s a case of a simple idea well executed and photographed.

Like I said. I laughed. I’m a horri­ble person. You can see differ­ent angles of the build at MOCPages.

Source: MOCPages — Isildur’s Fall

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