The LEGO Movie Batwing

There14072452424_d79fbb684b_o were lots of cool things in The LEGO Movie and one of them was the Batwing that Batman flew through­out the movie.  So Brick­masta decided to recre­ate it out of actual LEGO bricks. He worked on it for about 3 months and esti­mates between 1,400 and 1,600 bricks were used to build his version of the Batwing.

And he’s done a wonder­ful job with it. Obvi­ously Batman gives you very limited color options (black and grey) but all the elements from the movie are there from the jet flames to the missiles. All the char­ac­ters even fit in the cock­pit so it’s correctly to minifig scale.

Don’t you just want to play with it?

Source: Flickr — The Batwing — A LEGO Movie Creation

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