LEGO Star Wars — Darth Malgus Lands On Hoth

Christof­fer Östberg or11985450615_b6f7b23c43_k East Moun­tain as he goes by on Flickr produces LEGO imagery that can only be described as beau­ti­ful. They’re also wonder­fully geeky and Star Wars related which is a bonus.

It’s the atten­tion to detail which puts these photographs over the top though. Sure they’re using some good LEGO Star Wars models, but look at this one for exam­ple. The care­fully moody light­ing with shad­ows cast. The snow falling. Christof­fer has created a real atmos­phere with the stag­ing of this shot. Some­thing that tells a story as well as show­ing off the LEGO models.

Really lovely work and there’s lots more of it.

Source: Flickr — Hoth Darth Malgus

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