LEGO Superheroes — Green Arrow

Obviously14378406210_d383d606af_h LEGO have been sell­ing a vari­ety of super­hero sets for some time now under license from both DC Comics and Marvel Comics. But this build by Nico­las Picot is some­thing very differ­ent and oh so impres­sive.

For a start it’s about 20 inches in height and if that’s not enough there are 44 points of artic­u­la­tion which is more than many action figures have. Yes, this is a posable LEGO figure of Green Arrow. And from the lack of hood and yellow fuzz on the chin I’d guess this is the comic book version rather than the WB’s Arrow (though I like that version just fine too).

Nico­las Picot actu­ally has several photos up on his Flickr account show­ing this LEGO Green Arrow in differ­ent posi­tions. If this picture alone doesn’t impress you then surely that will.

Source: Flickr — Green Arrow

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