Marvel Comics Cosplay — Spider-Girl

While there are lot of excel­lent cosplays out there you do tend to spidergirl1_by_vampbeauty-d68v8dwsee the same char­ac­ters coming up again and again because…well… they are popu­lar char­ac­ters. Which makes sense if you’re cosplay­ing. But it does get a bit samey. So I keep my eyes open for some­thing a little differ­ent.

Like the latest cosplay by Linda Le of Spider-Girl. That is the Anya Cora­zon Spider-Girl. She orig­i­nally went by the name Araña with a differ­ent costume before chang­ing to Spider-Girl. The costume she’s now wear­ing is a vari­ant on the costume worn by the second Spider-Woman (Julia Carpen­ter) who later changed her name to Arachne. There is another Spider-Girl as well, but let’s not confuse things.

Anyway back to this cosplay. Linda Le (or Vampy) is pretty well known in the cosplay world and you can see why here. She made the costume herself and has clearly gone to a lot of trou­ble to come up with a pose that evokes the char­ac­ter. Qual­ity work.

Source: DeviantArt — Spider-Girl Anya Cora­zon

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