Marvel’s New Digital Comics Initiative

Have Marvel found a way to bridge the gap between phys­i­cal and digi­tal comics with their Infi­nite initia­tive.

It’s certainly more inno­v­a­tive than previ­ous adap­ta­tions of paper copies. And by giving free copies of the digi­tal version to people who buy phys­i­cal comics, it may keep the direct market happy in the short term at least, while getting people used to an inevitable digi­tal future.

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That Nova Digi­tal Comic – Avengers Vs X-Men Infi­nite #1That Nova Digi­tal Comic – Avengers Vs X-Men Infi­nite #1
So I was slightly confused by the announce­ments at SXSW, conflat­ing certain aspects of Marvel AR and Marvel Infi­nite Comics into each other. Hand­ily, Marvel have just made it a little clearer. So, Ave… 

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