Money In The Bank 2014 Thoughts

MITB14_Photo_139 WWE’s annual Money In The Bank pay per view (appar­ently we’re still call­ing them that even though you know… you can just watch them on the WWE Network) is an oppor­tu­nity for some of their most popu­lar wrestlers to hurl them­selves off of ladders.

This year there were actu­ally two ladder matches on the card, the first what they are refer­ring to as the tradi­tional (well it’s been 10 years appar­ently) Money In the Bank match where the winner gets a contract for a title match and the second being for the actual WWE title which sadly has been vacated due to Daniel Bryan’s ongo­ing and appar­ently not heal­ing neck injury.

There were a few other matches on the card too, but to be honest this is a PPV that’s sold on one thing.

MITB14_Photo_240 Lots and lots and lots of ladders.

Because the WWE has never been subtle and having estab­lished that first of all the Ladder match is a big deal, they’re not going to be satis­fied with just one ladder when they can get a half dozen in the ring.

But let’s go through the card in order and see what it had to offer.

Tag Team Cham­pi­onship Match — The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family

I honestly wasn’t expect­ing to enjoy this nearly as much as I actu­ally did. We’ve seen versions of this match a few times on tv now. But of course they save the big stuff for the PPVs. I thought it would be decent, but it was actu­ally really good. The Usos have got their routine down and they do what they do well, but the surpise here (for me) was Harper and Rowan who are both big guys and normally booked to move like big wrestlers. Here they really pushed out the boat and the result was a hot open­ing to the show.

Diva’s Cham­pi­onship Match — Paige vs. Naomi

Well both of these women can wres­tle (not guar­an­teed in the Diva’s divi­sion sadly) and despite one botched move where they slipped off the ropes they gave us an athletic match. The prob­lem here is almost entirely down to the book­ing. We did get a little build up to this in last couple of weeks, but not a lot and Paige spends all her time getting beaten up before getting what looks like a fluke win at the end. That’s not the best way to get people to invest in her.

2d3541c659f3375819062245e62ba5bf_crop_northMoney in the Bank Contract Ladder Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Bad News Barrett vs. Jack Swag­ger

Barrett was intended to be in the match but due to an injury this last week actu­ally had to be removed. Which may have been a good thing. Not for him obvi­ously, but it did give the other wrestlers plenty of time to each get their own spots in. And this was easily the match of the night.

Ladder matches tend to be very very gimmicky. You can create some really cool imagery with those ladders, but you have to be so care­ful in doing it. There were certainly some crazy spots in this one includ­ing Kofi Kingston falling from the ladder only to bounce off the top rope and knock over the other wrestlers. But, and this is a crit­i­cal point, they didn’t forget the story they were telling.

While all the wrestlers got their moment to shine, this was about Ambrose and Rollins. Having Ambrose forced to leave part way through with an appar­ent injury only to return later and attack Rollins again was a great moment. I’m actu­ally okay with the screwy ending too because this partic­u­lar feud is clearly not done yet.

Goldust & Star­dust vs. Rybaxel 

I’m liking Cody Rhodes Star­dust persona.  It does seem to be breath­ing new life into their tag team. On the other hand… could we see them wres­tle some­one other than Ryback and Curtis Axel. No matter how many times the announc­ers tell me that team is great… they just bore me.

Rusev vs. Big E

I said after the last PPV that I wished these two had gotten a little more time because there was poten­tial in the matchup. Here we got to see that poten­tial.

With Rusev’s anti-Amer­i­can push in full swing, natu­rally Big E got all patri­otic on us. That rang false quite frankly. Big E doesn’t have much of a char­ac­ter and that defi­nitely hurts him. However when look­ing purely at the in ring action, Big E was a guy who could cred­i­bly stand toe to toe with Rusev. This wasn’t a squash match in any way and that made it so much more enter­tain­ing to watch.

Summer Raye vs. Layla 

Fandango was guest referee for this one and I’m having trou­ble coming up with words for how little I cared. To be fair this feud was given plenty of TV time but even so.

WWE World Heavy­weight Cham­pi­onship Ladder Match: Kane vs. Shea­mus vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Cesaro vs. Roman Reigns vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

Remem­ber how I said earlier that Barret being taken out of the Money In The Bank match may have been a good thing? Here’s why. This match had 8 partic­i­pants (plus Triple H and Stephanie watch­ing from ring­side) and that was defi­nitely too many. In fact the open­ing segment looked more like a Battle Royal than a ladder match.

Don’t get me wrong, all the wrestlers worked hard and hit their spots, it just lacked the flow and as a result the excite­ment of the earlier match. Randy Orton took what looked like a really nasty gash to his head too. It’s rare these days to see that amount of blood flow­ing on WWE tele­vi­sion.


So who came out of Money In The Bank 2014 look­ing good? Well All the partic­i­pants in the Money in the Bank match looked great. Granted Kofi Kingston is still not going to get a major push, but Rollins and Ambrose are all set for a major feud and Dolph Ziggler proved (again) that the company really ought to give him a bit more to do. The Wyatt family deserve another tag title shot, they might even deserve a win if they can keep perform­ing like they did on Sunday. Roman Reigns looked like a cham­pion in wait­ing (which he basi­cally is) and John Cena… well the inter­net hates him, but he makes WWE a lot of money. With Daniel Bryan injured and out indef­i­nitely Cena is the right person for now as they adjust to the chang­ing land­scape.

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