Nightmare Fuel Day 4 — Food

Inspired by the Night­mare Fuel project on G+


I swam towards the surface. Arms aching, heart thud­ding in my chest as my lungs threat­ened to burst. Closer… closer… My hands broke the surface of the water. My head followed and I strug­gled to breathe in between the gulps of air I was taking in.

Quickly orient­ing myself I began to swim towards the shore. The waves buffeted me from side to side while the rocks ahead looked jagged and uninvit­ing. Fear drove me forward. My arms felt numb from cold and heavy from exhaus­tion but safety was almost within reach. My fingers scraped painfully against the rough surface of the rocks as I tried to brace myself against the power of the waves.

I could barely feel the teeth pierc­ing the skin of my leg in the cold water. I felt myself sink­ing abruptly. I had just enough time to gulp for breath before my head plunged back into the sea, water surg­ing up my nostrils. I flailed desper­ately as I sank. The water rush­ing past my ears. My heart labored and panic over­whelmed me.

Then I was float­ing free again. Kick­ing my legs I headed for the surface as fast as I could. When I reached air, scanned the hori­zon and headed for the shore again. What­ever had caught ahold of me had dragged me some distance before letting go. By the time I approached the rocks my arms were barely able to move. I wondered how much blood I was losing, but did not dare stop to find out.

I didn’t get even half way to shore before the teeth bit into my foot and I was swung round in the water. No time for air. Eyes squeezed shut,head spin­ning as I lost all sense of direc­tion. I barely made it to the surface this time, gasp­ing for air and getting a mouth half full of water. Wiping my thumb with my hand I whirled round. For a brief, panicked, moment I could not find the shore. But there it was, still within reach… just.

My right leg wasn’t work­ing right and I had to rely more on my already exhausted arms to propel me through the water. The waves buffeted me repeat­edly and I tried not to think about the thing that was toying with me or when it might strike next. I spat out another mouth­ful of water and grimaced at the taste of salt in my mouth.

My brain was almost as numb as my leg at this point. Work­ing mechan­i­cally to try to get me to safety. Part of my mind was scream­ing that there was no way I could make it. That I was tired, bleed­ing to death and about to drown. But I kept moving forward. Closer, slowly closer. Maybe I could still make it.

I didn’t feel it grab me this time. Salt water filled my mouth as it jerked me below the surface yet again. I choked and coughed, as the water grew darker and darker around me. I could feel the pres­sure squeez­ing at me as the crea­ture contin­ued to dive.

It was tired of play­ing with its food.












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