One Bitch of A Year

Well the decade is draw­ing to a close and I’ve been mean­ing to write an insight­ful post about the signif­i­cance of this year and maybe where we’re going next year. But I couldn’t come up with anything.

The prob­lem is I don’t really believe in New Year (or New Decade depend­ing on how you count it). It’s an arbi­trary day that has no more real signif­i­cance than any other. And the fact that it is in fact the start of a new year is largely histor­i­cal chance. 

But it occurred to me that for once this new year has taken on a greater personal signif­i­cance than ever before. It really has been one bitch of a year for me and my family and I can’t wait to see the back of it and seize the chance for a fresh start.

The first blow was when my wife was let go from her job. Fortu­nately it didn’t take very long before she had found an new posi­tion, but that was just the warm up. Only a month later my Mother in Law passed away suddenly and pretty much blew our comfort­able lives apart. From then on it was a quick succes­sion of prob­lems to be solved from dental work to behav­ior at school. Then few months later a work colleague passed away unex­pect­edly.

Under the circum­stances, I think you’ll forgive me if I am ready to see the back of this year.

I know that statis­ti­cally there hasn’t been any more death this year than in previ­ous years, but it hit close to home this time (several times actu­ally) and while there were some wonder­ful moments, they get over­shad­owed by the sadness of other events.

So… it was a bitch of a year. But we’re about to start a new year and the next post will be more posi­tive and forward look­ing. Promise.

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