Rejecting The Tyranny Of Average

Here in the United States we live in a coun­try that is run by statis­tics. Not only are they the driving force in most polit­i­cal deci­sions and campaigns, they also control what we see on TV and what we can buy in stores.

The prob­lem with this obses­sion with statis­tics is that inevitably both politi­cians, retail­ers and manu­fac­tur­ers want to target the largest group they can iden­tify, or the mode as it’s referred to in statis­tics. But in most cases the largest group doesn’t actu­ally consti­tute the major­ity. It’s just the largest iden­ti­fi­able group.

That’s why when you go into Payless you can never find any shoes in wide sizes. Why polit­i­cal parties always skew to the extremes when their campaign­ing, only to have to reign it in when they Govern. Why I’m stuck paying for a dozen sports chan­nels that I don’t want to watch on my satel­lite dish.

The Tyranny of Aver­age goes way beyond that though and affects every part of your life. Aver­age is normal and we all want to be normal don’t we? We want to fit in. We want to be accepted. We don’t want to be differ­ent.

But we shouldn’t. Aver­age isn’t clever. Aver­age isn’t fast. Aver­age is just… adequate. Aver­age is over­weight and not enough exer­cise. Aver­age is barely read’s books. Doesn’t vote except for pres­i­den­tial elec­tions. These are not things to aspire to.

And yet being normal, being aver­age is consid­ered a compli­ment. Politician’s want to show that their an “aver­age joe”. If you’re too clever then you’re elit­ist. TV is dumbed down to the lowest common denom­i­na­tor. When people aren’t aver­age, they stay quiet about it. They keep it a secret.

But the real­ity is nobody is completely aver­age and we should shout that fact out so that people aren’t afraid to be differ­ent. Because it’s from these small forms of prej­u­dice that the bigger one’s stem. The feel­ing that we’re all the same is what makes it so easy for people to be sexist or racist or homo­pho­bic. If you accept that in fact none of us are the same, none of us are aver­age, suddenly it’s a lot harder to justify the prej­u­dice.

So reject the Tyranny of Aver­age. I don’t drink alco­hol. I hate sports. I love sci-fi. I’m over-educated and prob­a­bly under­achiev­ing because I don’t have any real drive to win or be the best. I’m not aver­age. I’m not normal. And neither are you.

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