Rumored Specs For Google Smart Watch

Wearable comput­ing is the big thing these days and several compa­nies have released a smart­watch but no one has really gotten it right yet. Most of us have been wait­ing for the two big play­ers to give it their shot. Apple as always are tight lipped. Unusu­ally Google have been as well though.

But if these rumors are to be believed we may be about to see some­thing from them:

 1.65″ IPS LCD @ 280×280, 512MB RAM, 4GB inter­nal stor­age, proces­sor TBD

280×280 LCD seems small when you compare to smart phones but it does have to fit on your wrist after all. The bigger ques­tion comes down to user inter­face though. I’m wonder­ing if they are going to go with some­thing simi­lar to the inter­face for Google Glass?



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