Sentient Tumbleweeds are Scary — Doctor Who Monsters

Recently Blog­tor Who ran a Twit­ter poll to find out what were the first Doctor Who monsters that scared us. I was not surprised to discover that my pick was not on the list.

Wolfweeds — Sentient Tumble­weeds

The first story where I remem­ber being scared was The Crea­ture From The Pit, a Doctor Who story from 1979. But the crea­ture that scared me wasn’t even the Crea­ture, it was the the Wolfweeds!

For those of you who have never seen this less than clas­sic episode, the Wolfweed are in essence sentient tumble­weeds that roll towards their prey to attack it. They’re more laugh­able than scary.

Never the less this is one of my most endur­ing memo­ries of Doctor Who. At this point I’ve seen almost every episode that remains on tape, but my memory being what it is a lot of them get jumbled together. K-9 facing off against the Wolfweeds is an image I can conjure up every single time.

I was 7 years old when I watched The Crea­ture From The Pit. Every­thing was scarier then. Every­thing was more orig­i­nal and the inevitable path of the plots was hidden to me. Doctor Who stim­u­lated my imag­i­na­tion in a way that few other shows have ever done. The monsters are frequently cheaply constructed and some of the char­ac­ters are hokey, but picture your­self as a 7 year old and tell me they aren’t scary.

Some­times I really wish I could read books or watch TV with that mind set again.

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