Sherlock S01E03 — The Great Game, Review

Absolutely bloody bril­liant! The third and final episode of Sher­lock was the best of the series.  The first episode was excel­lent and the second okay, but this one didn’t put a foot wrong for the entire 90 minutes.

I have to admit I had my doubts going in. Mark Gatiss recent Doctor Who episode hadn’t  impressed me much and Steven Moffat is rarely out-writ­ten. On top of which I was very dubi­ous about the wisdom of intro­duc­ing Mori­ar­ity so early in the series exis­tence.

I’m pleased to say that I was wrong on all counts though. Gatiss penned the most authen­tic Sher­lock Holmes episode I have ever seen even if it was set in the present day. It captured every­thing from the char­ac­ters to the atmos­phere perfectly. I can even forgive him for that cliffhanger.

As in the last two episodes Bene­dict Cumber­batch and Martin Free­man make an excel­lent Holmes and Watson. Their inter­ac­tion is much more convinc­ing than that of the recent movie. It was nice to see the rest of the support­ing cast return as well since they add a lot of depth to the world of Sher­lock Holmes.

It’s hard to develop a story arc in a 3 episode season and the Mori­arty plot seemed ham hand­edly forced onto the end of the last two stories, but here it fit in perfectly.  Andrew Scott gives us a wonder­fully insane Mori­arty and one that feels like a genuine threat to Sher­lock.

Through­out the episode we are shown that Mori­arty is really a dark reflec­tion of Sher­lock. Mori­arty is what we were warned that Sher­lock could become in the first episode.  Sherlock’s enjoy­ment of the “games” that Mori­arty makes him play is obvi­ous and his casual manip­u­la­tion of people and their emotions is unset­tling.

And yet there is a differ­ence. While Mori­arty revels in his own bril­liance and the chaos he causes, Sher­lock does seem to follow some sort of moral code and clearly has a strong tendency towards order.

There’s really noth­ing bad I can say about this episode and I am already wait­ing impa­tiently for it to return for the promised second season.

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