Star Was Cosplay — Mara Jade Skywalker

mara_jade_skywalker_2014_by_queen_azshara-d7hhf7vI real­ized I hadn’t posted any good Star Wars cosplay in some time so I’m hastily recti­fy­ing that terri­ble situ­a­tion.

I’m not clear what Mara Jade’s status is in Star Wars conti­nu­ity now that large chunks of the EU have been jetti­soned. I guess we find out if she’s married to Luke Skywalker when Episode VII comes out.

Either way she’s played a substan­tial role in the EU books despite not being seen in any of the movies or the animated series and this cosplay by Queen Azshara captures the look and atti­tude very well.

Source: Deviantart — Mara Jade Skywalker

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