Star Wars Cover Art — X-Wing Rogue Squadron #22

nadeau 1John Nadeau did a lot of pencil and cover artwork for Dark Horse Comics Star Wars comics in the 90s. This is a copy of the painted cover for Star Was: X-Wing Rogue Squadron #22 with­out all the text getting in the way of the gorgeous visu­als.

That partic­u­lar issue was released back in Septem­ber of 1997 and was the second part of a four part story called In The Empire’s Service.

On the world of Brentaal, Impe­r­ial General Isoto prepares for a Rebel assault. His goal: not to save the planet, or even the Impe­r­ial base, but to save himself. Isoto has the best shield there is, the Empire’s great­est fighter ace, Baron Fel. But having the Baron and having him take orders are two totally differ­ent things!

The story is collected in graphic novel form as Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Vol 6 In The Empire’s Service for those who are inter­ested.

Source: Comic­sArt­Fans — Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron #22

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