Stargate: Universe, Success or Failure?

I have been… crit­i­cal of Star­gate: Universe during it’s first season. At one point I compared it to Star Trek: Voyager (and in my world that’s no compli­ment). Now that the season is complete, it makes sense to look back and see whether Universe lived up to the early promise of the show.
I’m a little surprised to find that I think it actu­ally has lived up to at least some of that promise.  I don’t retract any of my crit­i­cism, but I think look­ing at the season as a whole there is a flow that is miss­ing from most shows. Little details in one episode become signif­i­cant several weeks later.  That sort of atten­tion to conti­nu­ity is nice to see.

It took a long time, but we do now have a cast with some depth and distinc­tive­ness. No longer is Robert Carlyle’s Doctor Nicholas Rush hold­ing the show together single hand­edly. Admit­tedly our roman­tic leads remain largely bland but every­one else seems to have a person­al­ity.

There’s still an annoy­ing tendency to ape Battlestar Galac­tica in style, but the show is no longer completely in BSG’s shadow.

All of which is good, but it’s hardly a ring­ing endorse­ment. And some prob­lems remain. We’ve seen only one alien race so far, and that very briefly. They rely far too heav­ily on the commu­ni­ca­tion stones and I thought it was far too early in the series to prop it up with so many SG-1 cameos. Clearly the writ­ers over-played their hand with the crew tension early on as well. And at some funda­men­tal level this is not Star­gate. If it wasn’t obvi­ous to you before, the scenes with Richard Dean Ander­son made it very clear that SGU does not fit comfort­ably in the Star­gate fran­chise.

But in many ways those final two episodes redeemed the show. Certainly it was the first time that I’ve actu­ally been disap­pointed that the episode was over and the season cliffhanger actu­ally had me eager to see exactly how they resolve it (don’t blow this Star­gate!) That was all it took. two hours of tense, drama capi­tal­iz­ing on all that’s come before and putting char­ac­ters in situ­a­tions where we actu­ally care what happens.

So was Star­gate: Universe a success? Not entirely. But it wasn’t a fail­ure either. I’m going to be back for the next season.

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