Your Stick Family Was Delicious — T-Rex Decal

41QDgCdymxLIf you’ve read much of what I’ve posted it prob­a­bly won’t amaze you to discover that I gener­ally think the stick family decals are kind of obnox­ious. It’s some weird form of boast­ing… only you don’t actu­ally have anything to boast about. Or it’s some sort of of egotism thing where you think this is some­thing other drivers will be inter­ested in seeing.

So if you’re going to put stick­ers on your car, could you make them inter­est­ing or funny or some­thing.

Like this T-Rex one for exam­ple.

Link: Amazon​.com — Your Stick Family Was Deli­cious T-Rex — Vinyl Decal Sticker

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