Doctor Who S09E11 — Heaven Sent

Well if this isn't just the most Moffaty of Steven Moffat episodes. In many ways it epitomizes what Steven Moffat brings to Doctor Who, both the good and the bad. Heaven Sent is the much heralded Doctor on his own episode with a promised huge cliffhanger. And, based on the online commentary at least, it has proved to be very popular episode. Which surprises me because as I said it's a very Moffat episode and not just the stuff everyone likes but the things people have been complaining about for several seasons now. Plus the cliffhanger really isn't anything to write home about. Peter Capaldi If you're compiling a list of …Read more  »

Doctor Who Review: S09E02 — The Witch’s Familiar

Episode 2 is even better than episode 1 (which I enjoyed a lot). I'm pretty sure a lot of the people who haven't liked the direction Who has gone in for the last few seasons still won't like it though. The show isn't offering methodical, fill in all the gaps type of stories. It takes jumps and expects you to accept it (like the cuppa). Nor is it offering up sciencey science fiction. In all honesty it rarely did, but it has fully embraced bombastic movie blockbuster fantasy in stylings in recent years. The Titles, They Mean Something So last week Clara was the Magician's Apprentice and this week she …Read more  »